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Who is lougeorge?

LouGeorge started with a collaboration of my daughter's names Laura & Georgia, I at the time thought it was creative until I then realised it was a common thing however it is still unique and personal to me which makes my business even more personal fusing my daughters into it  - LouGeorge.


I have also named my original profiles after their childhood.  At the launch of LouGeorge in November 2021,  Laura was 21 and Georgia was 19 so it was nice to base the profile names on memories of them.   I say original because there will be extensions of products as LouGeorge grows.


JOEY BLUEFEATHERS (LemonGrass)  - Joey Bluefeathers was a bird that Laura was given as a birthday present by her Grandma at maybe 10, she named him Joey after my Dad and Bluefeathers because of the obvious colour that he was.  She was a great pet owner however our cat had other ideas and knocked him free of his cage.


RUBIROSE (Rose) – RubiRose was Laura’s childhood teddy who is red in colour and has a rose print and given to her by her other Grandma for a present when she was about 2.  Laura always had a great way of naming her things that were obvious and stuck nicely.  Laura still has RubiRose.


BABY ALIVE (Peach) – Baby Alive was Georgia’s favourite doll when growing up, the way it talked, ate and how she got to change its nappy, always a bit of a mother hen, however this doll amused Georgia’s cheeky nature also.


AUBURN RAYS (Grapefruit) – This one was me naming something in relation to Georgia, a tribute to her auburn hair and as cheeky as she is, she is a ray of sunshine wherever she is.

MR MAXIMUS (Whisky, Wood & Leather) – This is a tribute to our family cat Maximus Decimus Meridius and yes, I am a big fan of The Gladiator.

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